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Hello my name is .
I am the owner of a Swiss company that specializes in stunt and water attractions for amusement parks all around the world. I am kind and non-violent and have 2 small dogs.

I am 42 years old. My hair is brown and blonde, my eyes are blue. My weight 165 lbs - 75kg, height 5' 10" - 178cm, and I have a normal average build.

I am looking for a woman to be my wife that want to take care of me and give me massage when I am tired after work (face, body, feet and hands).

Please write and send a recent photo to:

Le Locle, Neuchatel, 2400, Switzerland


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ʴդѺ Ѻ Ңͧ ѷ㹻 Ź ӸáԨ ǹʹء ǹӷš Ե ҡس ͺ عç عѢ 2 42 ռչ ͡ պ ͹ տ ٧ 175 ૹ 5 ص 10 ˹ѡ 75 165 ͹

ǧ ͧ Ҵ Ǵ ˹- ˹ Ҩ ӧҹ (Ǵ˹ Ǵ Ǵ )

س ¶֧ ٻ »Ѩ غѹ ͧس 仵 ɳ ͧ

Le Locle, Neuchatel, 2400, Switzerland

Ҥسշ ô¹֧



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